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Ayurveda is the science of life. The word ‘AYURVEDA’ is composed of two words ‘AYU’ and ‘VEDA’ which means life and knowledge respectively. It is the entire knowledge of life of human being from birth to death.
About Us

To serve the humankind through authentic ayurveda, AVP started hospitals and treatment centers in various places. Ayushman Ayurveda Hospital is one among them. This authentic Ayurveda hospital is situated in Kallai (Kozhikode), near Kallai river bridge facing the national highway and far the Arabian sea. A group of well experienced doctors of AVP are involved in running this hospital.  Dept. of Salya thanthra : Sastra – Ano Rectal Clinic (ARC)

The hospital has a well equipped ARC. Ksharakarma, Ksharasoothra and Agnikarma are done here under the guidance of efficient surgeons.

A wide variety of Ayurvedic Para surgical procedures are carried out in SASTRA which were well practiced in ancient days and declined through ages. Modern Stalwarts like Dr. Ravishankar Pervaja and Dr. Ramesh Bhatt were instrumental in developing the SASTRA.They had rediscovered these techniques and have trained many surgeons in this field.

Surgery in ayurveda is a widely discussed subject but practiced less in the field of ayurveda, there are major hurdles in the practice of surgery in ayurveda, even though we claim Acharya Susrutha as the father of modern surgery, the era of surgery dates back to 8 th century AD, when surgery was extensiely practiced in India by the Ayurvedic surgeons of Dhanwanthri Parampara. Acharya Susrutha has practiced surgical procedures like Rhinoplasty, cesarean and other open abdominal surgeries. Dominick Wyujastyk of the welcome institute for history of medicine in the United Kingdom has studied the practice of surgery by ayurveda physicians in India where these physicians successfully performed surgery on a nose that was separated as an act of punishment. His documentary telecasted in the BBC has once again proved that Indians are the founders of Modern plastic surgery. Many of these surgical practices had slowly experienced the recession and have gradually become unknown in course of time due to various factors like invaders, introduction of Western system of medicine and other causes. 

The hospital works under AVP Coimbatore with efficient doctors & staffs and is also enriched with ano rectal clinic, the surgeries are being conducting for various ano rectal cases. The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, was established on 12th July 1943, and had its humble beginning in a small rented building on Trichy Road, Coimbatore. On 1st April 1948 The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore) was registered as a Public Limited Company. Over the years, it has grown into a large enterprise in the field of Ayurveda offering services in the fields of Education, Research, Pharmacy and Clinical Practice. AVP manufactures around 400 therapeutic formulations in two GMP certified production facilities in Kerala. It is the first Ayurveda Company in South India to gain Government‚ GMP certification for production standards under the WHO guidelines for Ayurveda. AVP has 50 branches with full-time consultancy service of ayurveda physicians and some of these hospitals also offer therapeutic treatment facilities under trained Ayurveda therapists.

AVP Ayushman Ayurveda Hospital
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